A Wake Up Call

Pesticides and other chemicals in animals and/or humans have been reported to alter systems.

Toxins are altering the development of the unborn leading to miscarriages, stillbirths, birth abnormalities and delays in normal development.

At least two million children presently suffer from developmental, learning and behavior difficulties.

Did you know

Air fresheners are made from neurotoxic solvents and synthetic fragrances that can cause headaches, mood swings, memory loss, and chronic fatigue.

Prepackaged lettuce is washed in a chlorine solution twenty times more concentrated than that found in an average pool.

Mouthwash containing alcohol is associated with an increased risk of throat and mouth cancers.

Microwave popcorn contains a flavoring chemical that is a relative of paint stripper.

Aspartame, the artificial sweetener, breaks down into carcinogenic formaldehyde during storage in the body.

Flea and tick control products can expose people to pesticides five hundred times greater than the recommended safe limits.

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