Innovative Treatments For Your Health

Without the use of drugs, our treatments effectively change the body’s inappropriate response to allergens, decrease the pain and swelling of muscle inflammation, and detoxify the body from harmful toxins.

We help patients by providing safe and painless relief from allergies, chronic pain, as well as an ion cleanse to detoxify the body.

  • Convenient – No more allergy shots. No more allergy medications.
  • Painless – Non-invasive, no shots, no scratch tests, no pain at all!
  • Safe – Helps people of all ages, including small children and seniors.
  • Versatile – Asthma, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sinusitis, and more…
Don’t Suffer Another Day!
Enjoy the great outdoors.
No Shots
No Medicine
No Diets
Imagine what your life would be like, symptom free.
Breathe fresh air.
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What We Offer

Allergy Relief

Fast, effective treatment for all types of allergies: pollen, food, animals, mold and more!
What is an allergy?

Deep Tissue Treatments

Uses cool laser technology to treat muscle and joint inflammation and swelling, headaches, tinnitus…
Treatable Conditions

IonCleanse® Detox System

Removes toxins and heavy metals stored in the fat cells of the body in a more thorough and efficient way than herbs or fasting.
Why Detoxify?

What Our Patients Say

I had been having difficulty swallowing for many years due to a rare condition that caused narrowing of my esophagus. I was on several medications. After completing the ASA sessions, I was able to stop taking all of the medications and have stopped experiencing the narrowing of my esophagus.

Amy Tuschen – Salem, SD

When Abby was a baby, she became fussy every time she ate. We had her on medication for acid reflux because she would spit up constantly. After 6 months, we learned that she had a milk protein allergy. Abby was on a strict dairy-free diet for the next 6 years. After completing the 13 ASA sessions, she now enjoys ice cream, yogurt, and other dairy items. We are so happy with the results.

Abby’s story by Diana Rotert – Salem, SD

When Amanda was 4, she began to complain about her stomach hurting. We eventually found out that Amanda had developed an allergy to dairy, and started her on a dairy-free diet. By the end of the 13 ASA sessions, she was eating anything she wanted with no restrictions. We are grateful that we don’t have to worry about her diet when she is at school, with friends, or even when going out to eat.

Amanda’s story by Amy Tuschen – Salem, SD