What is an allergy?

An allergy is nothing more than a harmless substance to which the body reacts inappropriately causing symptoms such as eye, throat, or skin irritation, difficulty breathing or digestive distress.

Allergy Relief

The ASA Laser Allergy Relief System provides allergy relief from pollens, foods, animals, molds, etc. This system quickly and easily scans nearly 100,000 different allergens and imbalances, virtually ensuring accurate identification of the allergens causing you to have an allergic response. Every substance has a specific frequency which the ASA can digitize. The biofeedback cuff is equipped with eight separate sensors. These sensors detect the specific allergens that are causing your body's allergic reactions. In two minutes, hundreds of bits of information are categorized from lowest to highest priority on a 0 to 1000 point scale. Those allergens identified in the 900 range have the potential to create problems. The top three items in each category are then loaded into the treatment phase.

How It Works

Once the ASA identifies the allergens, the treatment is quick and painless. The ASA exposes the patient to the digitized allergen that perfectly matches the frequency of the actual allergen. The body will believe that it is in contact with the real allergen. Since it is a digitized allergen, the allergic reaction will not be noticeable to the patient. As the patient is being exposed to the digitized allergens, the non-thermal induction laser will stimulate specific nerve bundles and will reeducate the body's response to the allergen. Through this process known as Reconditioning, the ASA retrains the body to react in a normal and healthy manner to those allergens during any future exposure.

Some advantages of this treatment include no painful scratch tests, no allergy shots and no medications to take. The completely painless treatments take between 15 and 20 minutes and are completely painless. They are safe for children, adults and seniors.